Warriors are the main tanks for the Midgardian army. Like most midgard classes, they can switch between 1-handed and 2-handed weapons at any time. This ability gives them the opportunity to have solid defensive skills without having to make sacrifices in their offensive capability. It also makes them very easy to spec. Warriors earn 2x spec points per level, can wear chain armor, use any shield up through large, and they can use throwing weapons to pull targets.

Weapon Discussion

Which weapon you choose is a matter of personal taste. Most of the argument exists between sword and hammer. There are more swords in the game to choose from, polar rift seems to have the best to-hit ratio, but the endurance usage is worse. Hammers have better endurance usage (generally better weapon for solo or small group settings), but many of the styles are hard hitting.


  • 50 weapon, 50 shield, 31 parry: Probably the best all-around spec.
  • 50 weapon, 42 shield, 41 parry: You lose a slight amount of blocking, but you gain in parry. This is especially nice when you have your 2-handed weapon out. This much parry is probably overkill because of the parry cap.
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