• Lack of Range: You have a short bow but no ability to spec in it, so the damage stinks. Ok for interrupting in a pinch. With champion levels, you can pick up some ranged spells.
  • Lack of Defense: Compared to an armsman's plate armor, shouts, and increased resists, mercs have a hard time competing.

Cookie Cutter Build

  • 50 weapon, 50 dual wield, 28(31) parry. This is the tried and true merc build. Using either slash or thrust as your weapon type will net you additional autotraining points.
  • 50 slash, 50 dual wield, 29 parry 11 shield. Same as above, but you throw points into shield to pick up engage for blocking arrows and guard 2. Probably the only time you would be guarding someone one is during siege standoffs.

Defensive Hybrid

  • 50 DW, 42 shield, 39 weapon, rest parry. Haven't tried this one, but you would run with your shield out, slam someone, and switch to two weapons to administer a hurting. If you can use DW styles without having two weapons out, this could be a pretty good setup.
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