Race Choices

  • Avalonian: Statistically, the worst choice for a tic. Low strength and constitution coupled with 20 points wasted in intelligence. The bonus to quickness could possibly be OK for a melee tic, but your HP and weapon damage would suffer. The racial resistence aren't horrible.
  • Briton: The most common race and most well-rounded stats. I'd probably go 10 con, dex, and piety for a caster tic build.
  • Inconnu: 10 points are wasted on intelligence, strength and quickness start a little low, but the 10 extra points in dex is nice for more blocking and slightly faster casting speed for heals. I'd probably put the starting points in con, dex, and piety for a caster tic.
  • Minotaur: They start with much higher strength and constitution, but they lose points in dex and quickness. Statistically, they'd make pretty good caster or melee tics. The heretic's fire spells don't appear to be affected by casting speed.

Caster Builds

  • 48 rejuv, 50 enhance, 18 crush, 23 shield: I'm a big fan of 50 enhance for the best buffs that give you the best survivability. 48 rejuv gives you everything but the last focused snare, and the damage is horrible on those anyway. 18 crush gives you the two hit stun chain (which isn't as nice as it once was) and a decent bleed style, or you can go flexible for indigosnake, which is a side-style with a small lifetap (it doesn't scale in level, so at 50 it gets resisted a lot). 23 shield gives you a 6-second behind style that's alright for stopping runners. You'll have some points leftover, which I'd probably just drop into shield. With a caster build, most of your damage comes from your spells, so slightly higher defenses help more than slightly higher attacks. If you couple together your self damage add, damage shield, and the DoT spell with your weapon attacks, you can actually do some pretty nice damage in melee.
  • 48 rej, 50 enh, 29 crush, 13 shield: (This seems to be very popular on the classic servers.) Rejuv and enhance are still perfect. This spec focuses more on some additional melee damage at the expense of your shield. With some investment in Master of Blocking and Physical Defense RAs, you should still be solid.

Melee Builds (Heretank)

Let me say that there are a lot of melee tic builds out there and still a lot of discussion.

  • 50 enh, 44 flex, 35 shield, rest rejuv: Solid buffs, great melee, pretty good shield, but weak spells.
  • 50 enh, 44 flex, 29 shield, 23 rej: My take on the above spec. I think I would rather lower my shield and raise my rejuv up for better DoT damage. The lvl 35 shield style is a side style, so not really a huge loss.
  • 44 flex, 43 enh, 42 shield, 16 rejuv: Dropping enhance to 43 means that your absorb buff is about equivalent with chain mail. You still have good melee plus now you have slam for stuns, which opens up your lifetap flex styles. This spec makes you more like a reaver.
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