Race choice

Briton: Not really much of a choice here. For your starting points, put 15 into dex and 10 into con. I usually hate losing stat points, but it really makes sense for friars. Your weapon damage is based on dex, so more dex is good. You have a strength buff, so you should be able to carry plenty of stuff; more strength isn't needed. Between your quickness buff and your haste buffs, you should be swinging your staff plenty quick; more quick isn't needed. Piety is a rising stat, so you should have a big enough power pool; more piety isn't needed. More constitution is always good.


  • 50 staff, 45 enhance, 25 rej, 7 parry: My favorite spec. You get all the staff styles, everything really important in enhance, the first castable HoT plus less variation in your healing amounts, and a low parry. You could drop parry down to 2 and bring rej up to 26 for the next group heal. The group heal is nice when you are trying to keep someone alive that you don't have line of sight on.
  • 50 staff, 50 enhance, 14 parry: You're going to be a full melee character here. Your heal spells will just be for emergency situations and healing up after fights.
  • 39 staff, 45 enhance, 36 rej, 18 parry: You lose the last two staff styles, but you still have pretty good staff damage and good buffs. You gain the ability to be a good backup healer with better heals, HoT, and group heals.
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