Clerics are the backbone of the Albion force. They offer the best heals and the best buffs. They can also learn smiting spells which can heal friendly forces while doing damage to enemies, but be warned that these smite spells are very power intensive.

Clerics earn 1x their level in specialization points per level; they can wear chain mail armor and wield a crush type weapon (though they have no means of learning attack styles without champion level abilities); and they can specialize in rejuvenation, enhancement, and smite spell lines.



  • 41 rej, 35enh, 3 smite: The smite is just the leftovers and it is enough for a pbaoe mez that might give you enough time to run. 41 rej gives you the next to last heals, good cures, and the best rez. 35 enh leaves you with solid buffs.
  • 30 rej, 44enh, 8 smite: You still have good healing and the first spreadheal, but you lose cure nearsight. Your buffs aren't quite buffbot league, but they are very solid.
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