The cabalist is the only Albion class that can have AoE (area of effect) disease. Generally, this class stands out in a crowd. Why you ask? There's that large, one-eyed simulacrum pet following behind them.

They have three specialization lines available to them: body, matter, and spirit.

  • The body line provides lifetap spells, life transfer, single target disease, and AoE disease.
  • The matter line offers single target DoT spells (damage over time), AoE DoT, nearsight, and the pet focus damage shield.
  • The spirit line deals with buffs for your pet along, the recycle pet spell which allows the player to unsummon their pet and regain power, and debuff spells for different spell types.


  • 46 spirit, 25 body, 13 matter: It gives buffs to make your pet very strong along with the high end body debuff spell. The 25 points in body cuts down the amount of variance for your lifetap spells which when coupled with the body debuff spell from the spirit line makes those spells hit VERY hard. 13 points in matter is enough for the low level nearsight which cuts down the range available to enemy casters and archers.
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