The armsman or armswoman is the primary heavy tank for the Albion realm.

Armsmen autotrain in both slash and thrust.



  • 50 weapon / 50 shield / 28(31) parry. This is the most basic build for an armsman. (If slash or thrust is chosen for the weapon, parry can be increased to 31.


  • 50 polearm (or 2-handed) / 50 weapon / 28(31) parry.


  • 50 polearm / 42 shield / 39 weapon / rest in parry. This is probably the most common spec. How it plays: Begin fights with 1-handed weapon and shield out, slam opponent for the stun, switch to polearm, cause massive pain, and then switch back to s/s and repeat. The base weapon type can be lowered to 29 and crossbow raised to 25 for the skill snapshot.
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